Opening of Top Art 1800 11.10.2011

Austria is to be included in the rankings of the highest galleries in the world. The Austrian painter VOKA has opened the highest gallery in the country – VOKA Top Art 1800. His gallery is situated at almost the highest point of the 2,000 metre high Schneeberg at the final station of the Schneeberg Railway, which has enjoyed a long tradition. In the international rankings VOKA's Top Art 1800 gallery is in competition with the highest gallery in Europe found in Switzerland at 2,500 metres as well as the highest gallery in the world situated on a glacier in the Swiss Alps at a height of 3,000 metres. At a lofty 1,800 metres, the Top Art 1800 gallery is already a beacon for Austria's art and cluture scene. This amazing height is 12 times that of the St. Stephen's Cathedral. VOKA's art gallery is a significant part of the overall production of "Paradise of the Views" which has been implemented by the Schneeberg Railway and the province of Lower Austria. The interaction of unique art and a magnificent ambiance make this area truly extraordinary.